Sunday, December 4, 2011

Hot Chocolate Epic Fail?

And I thought the haters in Chicago were bad. I'm not so sure after the all-out rage that exploded in the Washington, D.C., area yesterday after--and perhaps during considering my friend texted status updates from the starting pens--the inaugural Hot Chocolate 15K and 5K. The race has been held in Chicago for four years and as some would say to varying degrees of success. But from the looks of this social media movement, the race's first appearance on a national level (Dallas and San Diego are next, followed by San Francisco and Phoenix--and I swear Denver was in the mix at one point, too) did not go well.

The race started late...not just by a few minutes, or 15 minutes because of a last-minute course reroute when a truck got stuck in Chicago, but 35 or so minutes. The traffic was horrendous and the cause of the delay--the cars were on the course. The 15K may have been short. The carpool situation wasn't ideal for a Maryland resident--per my old roommate who lives on that side of the District.

Now this is all hearsay, but still, it doesn't sound good. Runners created a Facebook page to voice comments where they're sharing race reports, complaints, pictures, and demands for registration refunds. Ouch to RAM, the race organizer, but at the same time, maybe they just shot to high for a first time race? How large are the other big races in D.C. like the Army 10-Miler and the Cherry Blossom 10-Miler, and what do they do to get it right, or seemingly so, time and again?

Sound off, runners!

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