Friday, October 8, 2010

How to Wear the 2010 Chicago Marathon

Who decided to run the 2010 Chicago Marathon because of its special 10-10-10 race date? How many of you are spending 10-10-10 running your first marathon? Whether it's your first or your 15th, chances are you want to remember your marathon milestone. And more often than not, you want to remember it with more than your medal and race T-shirt. That's where sponsor Nike steps in. Not only does the company make the T-shirt you receive in your packet, organize the pace teams to help you reach your goal time and offer amenities on course to energize you when you really need it--like the Powersong station--but it also designs plenty of other items to help you sport your Sunday accomplishment. With special call-outs to Chicago like the skyline, the city flag and other things that connote Chicago, Nike has all the wares you could want. And not gear that you'd want to wear once and pitch. I have plenty of race tees from all these Chicago races, but even I can't pass up some of these.

Check out this slideshow for some of the items you might want to add to your marathon memorabilia.

And not on the lookout for a special Chicago-designed sneaker that you can only get when you're in the Windy City. Then if and when (come on, you know you're going to cross even if someone has to roll you across) you finish Sunday's race, head to Niketown after you finish--or anytime on Sunday and Monday--to score Finisher gear that won't be unveiled until race day.

Photos in slideshow courtesy of Nike.

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