Saturday, October 2, 2010

Fit-Pic: You Know You're in Kona When... see some of the best Ironman athletes running the Big Island's roadways. Tanned, ripped, HRM-wearing eye candy--for the girls maybe and pangs of envy for the guys? Chris McCormack, a.k.a. Macca, shared this pic via Facebook from a run along the back section of the Ironman World Championships marathon course. Among the bunch you'll find McCormack, Terenzo Bozzone, Torsten Abel, Dirk Bockel and Rasmus Henning, all professionals set to race in Kona and usurp Craig Alexander. Now just wait for the underwear run later in the week where onlookers might seriously regret their day-before consumption or excuse for skipping their workout. That's even more intense eye candy.

Photo grabbed from Macca via Facebook.



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