Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Get Fast in Time for the Chicago Marathon

Twenty-mile run? Check. That was three weeks ago. Since then you've been either relishing in the taper time, freaking out about the rest you're giving your legs for the big race (yes, it is good), or wondering how in the world you're going to survive 26.2 miles on Sunday after lessening the mileage the last few weeks. Or more importantly, you're wondering if you'll be able to set a personal best on the flat and fast course. If you set your alarm early for tomorrow morning, you'll be able to set up your legs for success at the 2010 Chicago Marathon.

Join Mike Thomson, the strength and running coach at Core Fitness Chicago and a sub-3-hour marathoner, for a track workout that will boost your VO2 max. The workout starts at 6 a.m. Wednesday, October 6, at the track between Chicago and Pearson just behind the Museum of Contemporary Art (800 N. Lake Shore Drive). Thomson says this workout is designed to shock your nervous system and boost your VO2 levels to set you up for success come Sunday. This particular workout needs to be done five days before your big race and then you'll follow up with a similar workout on Saturday morning. It's the intensity that matters when it comes to raising your VO2 max.

Need proof? Athletes at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs have followed this track workout for years when they're in the final preparations for their "A" races. And now you have the chance to experience some of that Olympic-caliber coaching. For more details, e-mail Thomson at mike@corefitnesschicago.com. Or just show up at the track in the morning.

Photo grabbed from rowens27 at flickr.

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