Sunday, November 22, 2009

A Rapp of a Race at Ironman Arizona

How could you say you spent eight hours and 13 minutes? That's an average night's sleep for some, or the hours spent behind a desk for others. Or you could say, "I ate breakfast, worked out, ran errands, had lunch, watched TV..." and the laundry list goes on. But for Jordan Rapp, he can say he spent the time racing Ironman and cruising to his second Ironman title and his first at Ironman Arizona.

The 29-year-old from Scarborough, N.Y., had quite the triathlon race day in Tempe. Tenth out of the swim (50:49), Rapp charged to the head of the pack on the bike and never looked back, only lengthening his lead on the run. His bike split for the 112 miles was 4:22:30 and his run was 2:55:45. Not that you can compare the two races on equal terms, but Rapp's 8:13:35 finish time in Arizona bests his winning time at Ironman Canada in August (8:25:13).

The crazy part about Rapp's win? He's getting married next week. Looks like this departure from the wedding planning was a smart idea though. Not only does he get his 2010 Kona berth, but he said that now he can take his almost-wife triathlete Jill Savege on a honeymoon.

Although Rapp continued to build on his lead over the 26.2 miles, he was being chased by T.J. Tollakson, Richie Cunningham and others. Tollakson mirrored his 2009 Ironman Coeur d'Alene finish by grabbing second in 8:20:22, but he didn't have the lead taken away from him in the final steps to the finish line. Instead he was able to hold off third-place finisher Torsten Abel, who crossed next in 8:20:39 after passing Richie Cunningham in the last miles.

As Rapp celebrates his win, the professional women are finishing up their marathon. Samantha McGlone is currently leading with Linsey Corbin pushing just behind her. Stay tuned for more or follow the details at Photo grabbed from thomas pix at flickr. Posted by Kate

P.S. I'm trying to finally get updated with some Fit-Ink love. It's been a rough November and not even from not wanting to write...I feel like it's the December holiday season already with either too much going on (or so it seems) or the hours flying by.

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