Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: More on Racine

As I further analzyed my Spirit of Racine race day, I couldn't help but organize my thoughts as good, bad and ugly as I recounted the highlights and low points during the day. Not to beat an overused horse--or however that saying goes--but here's more of my race rundown and randomness:

The Good
A personal best time at the half Ironman distance and while not feeling completely prepared to race after a busy June, vacation and riding 150 miles the weekend before
No mechanical issues on the bike
Seeing my husband at the finish line and as I transitioned from swim to bike and bike to run
The volunteer support
Great traffic direction on the roads--last year at Steelhead I thought a truck was going to turn into me as I pedaled past even though I was on the course
Organization in the transition area with less-crowded bike racks and room to set up transition
Food on the run course for those of us who thought the bananas, pretzels and Oreos looked far more appetizing then the Sport Beans, Shot Bloks and gels stored in our pockets
A finish line medal
An assortment of post-race food including pulled pork sandwiches, pizza and watermelon, plus the personal reward of treating myself to Kopp's Custard
Surviving the run on busted legs...I confirmed my suspicions on Thursday that I had plantar fasciitis in my left foot and a shin splint on my right leg
No major chafing or blisters as I encountered last year
Great weather--overcast and not too warm
The company of racers--I knew a few people out there and had people to cheer for on the run and watch cross the finish line

The Bad
Running out of small T-shirts at packet pick-up before I arrived
The so-called short swim--I was wondering how I could swim 1.2 miles in under 24 minutes
Getting kicked in the eye during the swim--but at least my goggles didn't fall off or fill with water
Fifty-nine degrees in the waters of Lake Michigan and no booties for my feet or sleeves on my wetsuit--it was 56 degrees and foggy last year and I swore I wouldn't be able to survive sub-60 temps again, but the water did warm up overnight
Drafting and blocking on the bike
Getting passed by scary packs of cyclists and nearly running over a plastic tool that flew off a woman's bike as she struggled to return her water bottle to the cage
Painful running and wanting to throw in the towel before starting my second loop thanks to my feet and shoes hurting
The porta-potty lines, although that's to be expected at any race
The shallow swim that had more than your usual amount of walkers in the water

The Ugly
My now-black big toe--there's no hope to saving that toenail
Feeling nauseous around mile 4 on the run
My out-of-whack bike computer that went from telling me I was riding at 31 mph down a street to not working at all before logging three miles on the bike
Drinking Heed when water just didn't cut it--I needed electrolytes but while my stomach can tolerate Perpetuem it can't stand Heed.
The blistery skin on my back thanks to a previous week's time in the sun
The complaints about the race and those racing at SlowTwitch
My near freak-out at dinner on Saturday night when I realized I never got a number to wear on the run, just bike and helmet numbers--a volunteer eased my fears the next morning by calmly assuring me no one received bibs
The near-blister forming on the bottom of my right foot at mile 12--thank goodness I wasn't running a marathon
Watching runners gain on me over the 13.1 miles with no chance of being able to stave off all of them
Waking up the day after exhausted, thirsty and unable to move my right leg below my knee--just call me hobbles

Now if only I didn't have to gear up and do this again in two weeks. I'm just hoping my legs heal so I can run without getting passed like crazy. Posted by Kate


  1. Kate! Nice recap. I saw my husband between the bike 'n run and it was an awesome boost. :) You totally rocked this race on a bum foot, a high mileage week. You are getting speedier every day, keep up the great work.

  2. aw thanks! you're way too nice :) Yeah I have to hand it to Tom for being a trooper out there on Sunday, he gets mad at me when I tease and call him Sherpa Tom. I have another recap too but didn't quite finish it yet the slowtwitch commentary got in the way

  3. Wow! 1-you have a great memory 2- you are a great writer and 3- thanks for your support:)

    You will be ready for Steelhead for sure, and I can't wait for it really. Listen to your body these next weeks and if it feels good, go for it. If it's telling you to chill, listen. The quiet voices are the ones we should listen to...it's the loud, annoying ones that we need to close the door on and sometimes through the towel to. Make the good workouts count and the rest days count even more.



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