Monday, July 13, 2009

Back...with a Vengeance

Sorry for being MIA to all the Fit-Inkers out there. Going on an active vacation and then coming back to reality--both work duties and a training call--certainly don't bode well for my system. I'm either writing emails, reading news and fun stuff that I'd like to track down more info on to blog about, talking training or training with Liz, or catching up on sleep (isn't a vacation supposed to re-energize the system not zap it?) that when I look to share news on Fit-Ink there's nothing left in my fingers to spill out.

But with it being National Blog Month (I swear I saw a headline about this around the Fourth of July), several events that have happened or are happening, and more great news to share with active people like us, I'm vowing to get back on the wagon. Erin at Fit Bottomed Girls phrased it perfectly a few months ago when she fell out of her workout routine. Except that I'm Kate and I've fallen off the Fit-Ink wagon...and now I'm desperately sprinting to catch up. Stay tuned for more updates and again sorry about nothing new to view. Just like a fitness routine can lose its focus, apparently so can blogging, especially when there just don't seem to be enough hours in the day. Posted by Kate

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