Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Boys at the Barre

Guys, this one’s for you.

You could go for a run before Sunday’s Bears game and all the watching, eating and drinking that ensues. But if you really want an hour of exercise that strengthens some of the deepest muscles in your arms, legs and core, you don’t want to lace up the running shoes. You want to stop at the socks, which are all you need for a workout at The Bar Method.

The Bar Method’s Lakeview location, at 3144 N. Sheffield, is hosting a class geared toward guys on Sunday, November 10. Guys will find a class just for them starting at 10:45 a.m. and taught by Tiffany Reeves. The regular Mixed class will be offered at the same time and childcare will be available so both parents can take class.

The hour-long session might not be as sweat-inducing as that run, but it's certainly more leg quivering. Take me whose legs were shaking so much during a plie-like move that I thought the entire room could hear them flapping. Swapping a run, or another cardio-blaster, for The Bar Method is so worth it. Men who have tried The Bar Method find it challenging and realize that it takes muscular ability, strength and coordination. They soon learn that The Bar Method's body sculpting exercises help their endurance training and flexibility and make their cores stronger.

Your legs might shake and burn, and you might start to sweat, but those are signs that you're reshaping your body. And then maybe you can justify vegging out to watch the big game. After all, sitting is good when you can barely move post workout.

For more information about The Bar Method, check out its website.

Photo courtesy of The Bar Method.

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