Friday, June 29, 2012

The Daily Feed: Sites We're Searching 6/29

The Hayward track four years ago today. Credit: Schmuelick
I've been waiting for Friday to arrive all week. TGIF! Hooray for the weekend! But the last thing I'm doing is jumping for joy.

I couldn't wake up to run with Liz this morning, something I'm sorely regretting hours later even with the extra rest, and I may have mistook the ache in my leg for more than what it is (after three weeks worth of bum runs I'm almost scared to have a good day). I missed the swim practice with my neighbor that we purposely planned for after my run. I'm staring down one heck of a crazy training schedule while worrying about the seven hour drive to Northern Wisconsin I'm going to be making tomorrow. And there's a storm brewing outside my window that's made the sky as dark as dusk--and it's only 11 a.m.

This might sound crazy but I started cruising around online to help me find a happier place--basically by living vicariously through others. And here's what helped lift my mood:

  • Was anyone else fired up after watching the 5000m races at Hayward Field? I was even more psyched when I remembered that I interviewed one of these Olympians a few years ago--and Flotrack caught up with her after her amazing run.
  • FBG Kristen is a girl after my own heart--she's as into the swimming Olympic Trials as I am.
  • Sweet! These two sisters have been shooting for Olympic berths--and they might be the only set to do so this week. Side note: it took me awhile but I once interviewed the older sister, impressed by her speed on the track and that she was going to medical school (how in the world do you have time to train at a world-class level?).
  • Maybe this is why Marcus Samuelsson is such a fit-looking chef? He's always on the run when he's traveling the globe--and Equinox nailed down his favorite running spots.
  • I've been waiting for this Nike launch all week and it's finally here. Shawn Johnson, I'm ready for you and your drill pack to kick my butt again.
What have you been reading today? 

Photo grabbed from Schmuelick at flickr.

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