Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Ski Shape

Hard to believe that it's nearly mid-September? I am. I'm still in shock that the beaches are technically closed--and to be honest, with the weather we've been having, I barely want to venture outside--and that fall is just around the corner. Sure, I say that a lot with the changing of the seasons yet I feel like summer barely started or that I got to enjoy it since I only became my usual, active self in August.

But regardless of what the calendar says or the weather forecast shows, winter is just around the corner. I know it, the mountains know it (they already saw snow!) and the ski resorts know it. One problem: I'm not so sure my legs, arms and core know it. Preparing for running and biking is one thing, but getting in ski shape can be another endeavor entirely. All day on the slopes, moguls, steeps, powder, ice--the equipment can only go so far and then it's all about the engine behind it.

So how can you start revving that engine now before you get back on your skis come November? Well, securing a ski pass or planning a trip are two ways, but I'm talking about the fitness focus. How are you going to get in shape for skiing? Are you the type to engage in a little trail running or mountain biking? Or would you rather pop in a DVD (ahem, maybe P90X or Insanity?) or arrive at the gym for some strength training, toning and full-on muscle building? We all have our own weapons for whipping ourselves into shape--or we learn from the suggestions of others.

My go-tos: running and cycling. They're the easiest, not necessarily the smartest, for me to do. Why? Because I pavement pound and stick to forward motion. As for moves that get you moving across all planes of motion and moving abruptly as we sometimes do when we're skiing (you know, when you have to avoid a rock or tree, or you aren't as stellar as your partner and end up on advanced terrain that leaves you jerky instead of fluid), there are plenty of other ways to get in ski shape. Find them at, where it's all about five ways that meet the all-important question, "How do I get in shape for skiing?

Next step, start sweating!

Photo grabbed from cnolan011, Christopher Nolan, at flickr.

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