Sunday, September 18, 2011

Fit-Pic: Now That's a Running Costume

Who needs a costume idea? Whether you want to run in costume or you simply need an idea for your next themed-run around Halloween, here's one I stumbled upon that might send you home a winner of Best Costume award. Or most precarious to run with. I've seen fairies and cows but this was architectural amazement.

You know how some people, i.e. friends and family who'll watch but won't run, wonder how you ran a marathon? What do you think they say when they're standing on the sidelines and see the Eiffel Tower run by? I just wonder how one obtains such a replica, and if any body parts were harmed from running with the famed structure, beyond normal marathon wear and tear.

What kinds of costumes might you wear while running? Would you wear one during 26.2 miles?

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