Friday, August 26, 2011

A Perk of Winning a Race

Levi Leipheimer at the 2011 Tour de France
Win a race, receive a ski pass? Oh, to be Levi Leipheimer of Team Radio Shack who won yesterday's time trial through Vail, Colo., at the USA Pro Cycling Challenge. Not only did he win the 10-mile course that rode through town and up Vail Pass (ouch!), but in doing so he won himself a lifetime ski pass to Vail and Beaver Creek resorts. Lucky! It turns out he'll probably be putting that pass to good use too: Leipheimer was a ski racer who took up cycling to train in the off-season, according to For the cycling-related standings--I can't forget about those even though the ski pass was my favorite part--Leipheimer earned back the yellow jersey and kept the green one.

And to think that I thought it was cool to win a $250 gift certificate to a running store, a plaque and random Children's Memorial Hospital swag at the only race I have won and probably will ever win, a Father's Day 5K that benefited CMH and ran through Chicago's Loop. Ah, to be a professional--and be really good at it.

Photo grabbed from Petit Brun at


  1. Great info! I enjoyed this post, and many of the others you've been putting out lately.

  2. Thanks Char! I really appreciate the feedback...if there's anything you'd like us to cover, just say the word.




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