Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Daily Feed: Sites We're Surfing 8/4

Hope as I may that August would run a little slower than June and July, this week has been flying by. Thursday? Already? Time does fly, and always when I'm not expecting it. Maybe that's because I was reading a little too much online when I should have been writing, coaching, swimming, yogaing or cooking (I still have a refrigerator full of farmer's market veggies!). Here's what I've stumbled upon:
  • Are FiveFingers so mainstream that the Army needed to ban them? --Gear Junkie
  • First day of my hiking trip and I got a blister. I could have used this Core Performance guide to care for it, but now it's filed away for next time.
  • Maybe I would have been more gung-ho about traveling to Alaska instead of Banff had I read Skinet's feature about skiing then salmon fishing. I can handle cold weather when I can ski.
  • I may have only been a teenager when I last traveled to Italy but if I could go back, I think I'd have to try the cycling y comida option. And hope that the former pro's cycling skills rubbed off on me.
  • Popping a pill might not be the best solution for beating your injury. SELF explains why and when to pick up the Advil.
  • Take the guesswork out of training for the Men's Health Urbanathlon--if you've got an Equinox near you, you can train with them. Sweet!
  • Chris Carmichael read my mind: how to train for climbs when you lack hills.
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