Sunday, July 31, 2011

Fit-Pic: Can't Get Enough of the Beach

If I were to have a summer motto, I'd probably choose one to the effect of "you can't spend too much time at the beach." That is, if you come equipped with enough sunscreen, entertainment (or lack of sleep, which suffices in my case), water and snacks--you could easily be out there all day. The only problem is, until this weekend, I actually couldn't spend--or perhaps chose not to spend--any time at the beach. But thanks to our Chicago heat, us beachgoers have been out in full force. Check out this line for Saturday's Beach Palooza at Montrose Beach (stay tuned for a race report, too).

And see? The 3,000 or so participants hung out in the fenced off post-race area after finishing the 5K with obstacles that followed a twisty course around Montrose. Finding their friends, playing cornhole (thought I took a picture of that but apparently didn't), listening to cover band tunes, drinking Mike's Hard Lemonade (isn't that a good post-race refresher?) get the idea.

Sunday was a different tune: the beach, Oak Street's this time around, was packed. Swimmers, volleyball players, loungers, bikes, coolers, ice cream carts, you name it and it was likely there. This picture might not depict it, but there was a lot happening at the beach. Maybe more sleeping and relaxing than Saturday's scene, but hey, isn't that what Sundays are for?

How did you spend your weekend?

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