Monday, July 4, 2011

Fit-Pic: The Cabin Course

Every 4th of July--or at least most in recent memory aside from when my husband has to work a call shift--finds me away home away from home at my husband's family's cabin nestled in a pocket of lake country in northwestern Wisconsin. And every 4th of July in between the barbecuing, fishing, boat rides and fireworks I hit the roads to run. Not this year because my doc said no running at the last check-up and I still have three days before I'm due for another visit, but I'll hit them on my bike.

Decidedly, I've dubbed this terrain the cabin course. Without fail, I'll run the out and back loop at least once, more if I'm feeling peppy or know a big dinner is in store. The route's ingrained in my head even down to the hills that burned the first time I ran up them because there's nothing comparable back at home. If it weren't for the lack of water fountains, my saving grace on the Lakefront Path, and the swarms of bugs, I'd say the cabin course beats the 18-mile stretch of Chicago lakefront. This simple course is almost perfectly designed for my run requirements: hills, a 6-mile loop to be repeated when wanted, shade and sun, quiet. It always seems to rejuvenate me for whatever event I'm supposed to be training for--or signal that it's time to get in gear. And trust me, I'm tearing those roads up on my bike this weekend, headwinds and all.

It's worth battling the Chicago traffic--even when you're stuck in stand-still traffic on I-90--to get away for the holiday. And the fireworks over the lake can't be beat, especially now that Navy Pier was the only provider of Chicago fireworks on the 4th (they're not great in my opinion and choose a seat incorrectly and they're hidden behind the foliage). Happy 4th! How will you get outside today?

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