Sunday, June 12, 2011

What I Miss About Running

Another weekend, another set of races I can’t run. I’m really beginning to sound like a broken record, I realize, but if there’s one thing I’ve learned from being injured and stuck on the sidelines, it’s that I really miss running. I appreciate the sport far more now than I did before when I could head out for a run whenever I wanted. I know it. Heck, I complain and whine—all the time—about the fact that I’m not able to go out and do my usual summertime damage on the Lakefront Path.

But rather than wallow in self-pity, the easy route that I’m pretty good at taking in anything not running-related, I make fitness lists. Goals to shoot for next time. What went wrong at this race. Days to squeeze in training sessions. Superfoods, with their oh-so-super-meals, that might give a boost. Why I’m frustrated. So in list-making tradition, I’m taking a stab at what I miss about running. Superficial or not, here it goes:

  1. The sweating. Sounds weird, I know, but the 90-degree temperatures earlier in the week brought back this memory. Granted I couldn’t tolerate a midday run in that heat, but I love it when beads of sweat start to form on my forehead. To me, it’s the sign of a good workout—and getting out all the toxins. Not so nice in the winter but perfect for this time of year.
  2. Its ease. You know how we always say that it’s easy to go for a run? I almost forgot how easy it is, especially in this weather, to throw on a tank and shorts, add my shoes, sunglasses and tunes and head out the door. The hardest thing is finding a spot to store my keys. Not biking. I packed a duffel bag full of stuff I could potentially need when I went to the Udder Century last weekend.
  3. The ability to eat almost anything after a good, hard run. Some people eat to run, I run to eat. I’m sure those eating habits will catch up with me later—or rather I know so judging from this lack of running—but I feel less guilty about eating a burger or getting a concrete at Scooter’s after burning calories on a run.
  4. The racing. Watching races is one thing, as is volunteering, but I’ve learned through spectating that I belong on the race course. What can I say, I like racing against the clock even though I haven’t been logging PRs lately. And hearing about others’ accomplishments have been making me sad because I can’t be out there doing the same, or try.
  5. The day-after feeling. Who’s sore the day after a long run or hard effort? As much as it hurts to get out of bed, I’ll take that over a hangover.
  6. The runner's body. Runners come in all shapes and sizes but I'm definitely noticing a not-so-welcome change to what I'm towing around these days. Sure, it's my own fault screwing up the diet and exercise that works toward weight loss--skipping another boring ride on the bike, feeding a food craving--but I didn't think it'd be this hard to tone my lower half without the run.
  7. Running in the rain. I can't believe I'm writing this one because normally my only rainy runs happen when the rain starts to fall after I'm already outside or it's a race. But I miss the soft drizzle that cools my body enough without wrecking my shoes, the rain clouds forming overhead that tell me to run faster to outrun the storm, the harder rain that soaks my clothes but not my spirit (most of the time).
If you couldn’t run, what would you miss most?

Note: A version of this post originally appeared at FFCheer.

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