Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Tough Mudder's No-Fail Fitness Prep

That's the slithering: the Boa Constrictor obstacle.
Call me obsessed with the Tough Mudder event series now in its second year. But I can't help myself. The event looks more wild and challenging every time the race organizers post pictures from its latest location--two easy routes to take to this endurance girl's heart. And--if all goes according to plan--I'm supposed to be in Boulder right before the Beaver Creek rendition and am oh-so-tempted to detour out to the Beav' before driving home to check it out and possibly participate. The only problem is that Tough Mudder is only one day of the year--unless you're lucky enough to qualify for the championship event in December, crazy enough to city hop to more than one event or certifiably insane (yes, really) to sign up and participate in both days of challenges in your favorite city--and that can mean make or break time if you haven't trained a little for the challenge.

Lugging logs? Slithering through tunnels? Hauling yourself and your best buds over walls, hay bales and snow? Outlasting the monkey bars I haven't touched since I was oh, about 11? I'm getting scared just thinking about the disasters that could come race day for this body that hasn't seen my exercise beyond some wimpy attempts at yoga, repeats on the bike and forced swims. Granted I haven't been a couch potato, but I totally could use a Tough Mudder tune up. And that's even if I end up not participating because my leg's not ready for the wear and tear.

These moves, what I deemed the no-fail fitness plan, are just what the trainer offered for whatever challenge you've got on your calendar for the summer. I unveiled the essentials at to get started on conquering Beaver Creek's course. And if those aren't enough to feel the burn, there are more, 16 altogether, to add a little jolt to the fitness routine. But check out my favorites first--I think they're less intimidating than the others, but that's just my opinion. 

Photo grabbed from Tough Mudder.

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