Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Who's Getting Kicked Off The Biggest Loser?

If you've seen the previews on NBC, then you're familiar with tonight's live reveal of the Biggest Loser contestant who will be sent home at the end of the evening's episode. Trainer Bob Harper will be at said contestant's home to see what he/she looks like at the present day and how much weight he/she has lost since leaving the show.

I'm not trying to spoil any of the excitement, but I'm wondering who it is, especially since I happened to look up to the television (busy computer eyes) as Bob flashed a childhood photo of the contestant. My vote goes to Jesse. Here's the rationale:
  • The photo looked a little like him.
  • The climate appeared a little chilly but not as chilly as the temperatures I've heard about on the east coast like Massachusetts where Elizabeth and Brendan are from.
  • Jesse's bio says he's from St. Paul, which would cater to my weather assumption. 
  • I swear I saw Bob tweet that he was in Wausau, Wis., within the last few days. At first I wondered why and now I think Jesse is the answer.
  • Jesse even thought that he was being paired with Aaron because he's a big threat, suggesting that he thought he could get kicked off. 
Only minutes will tell. Are you tuning in? Follow the action via Twitter with the Fit Bottomed Girls!



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