Saturday, November 20, 2010

Oprah's Fit Ultimate Favorite Things

Either Oprah Winfrey has dreams of working out when her show's final season wraps in a few months, or she recognizes sporty comfort when she sees it. And with the media mogul's stamp of approval, two active brands, Lululemon and Nike, are only going to become more popular now that they've made her final Ultimate Favorite Things list (her show is going bye-bye next year). Among the 22 items guests received at the taping of her annual Favorite Things episode (part one was revealed on Friday and more are in store come Monday) were Lululemon's Relaxed Fit pants and pairs of Nike Free Run+ shoes. Let's just say BIG, GIANT LIKE.

I already went ga-ga over the Nike Free shoes earlier this year--I caught myself doing it again the other night when my friend wore hers. Minimalist design to mimic barefoot running builds running strength with compromising comfort, support and traction. And when you can choose from a variety of colors, you're bound to find a color combination you like enjoy to wear the Frees on and off the running route. Why does Oprah like them? "It's the next best thing to being barefoot," she says.

Now my eyes can spot the Lululemon insignia from a mile away and I'm surrounded by it--I swear--every time I go to yoga. I might feel like the odd woman out in since my down-dog go-to's consist of Nike, Under Armour, Adidas and Moving Comfort, and my only Lulu pants have probably been out of style for at least two years--a never-in-the-yoga-studio pair I snagged on sale before Lululemon expanded to within walking distance of my house. I only wish that my closet could handle more of their items (sorry but at $98 a pop, my wallet has to take a pass--it's cringing) like those drawstring pants or the Scuba Hoodie. But I've got one question: why did she choose the the Relaxed Fit Pant over the Still Pant? Same price, same four-way stretch fabric that's a Lululemon signature, same appealing drawstring. Must be the back zipper pocket to safe-hold keys and ID and the waist design that can flatter any rear. With the option to roll it low or wear it high, depending on your best assets, these pants apparently provide the illusion of a smaller behind. And what's not to love about that? And Oprah thought so too, saying, "Anything that cuts your butt in half should be your favorite thing too!"

OK, OK, so I ogled over the cruise trip and the big screen TV--and my mouth watered at the sight of the mac and cheese--but to see these fitness finds among the big ticket items was a huge plus. And a bit of a surprise to follow a panini press, a pan of decadent brownies and that so-called best mac and cheese, items that can pack on the pounds instead of parting with them. But if Oprah likes them, they must be good. Right?

Photo courtesy of Nike.

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