Wednesday, September 15, 2010

You Can Still Register for Ironman

So you didn't wait in line at Madison's Monona Terrace Convention Center to register for Ironman Wisconsin 2011. You didn't volunteer and have a volunteer shirt and wristband in hand to wait in what should have been the shorter of two lines (the volunteer line looked pretty darn long, even at 7:15 a.m.). You skipped the regular registration line figuring it would be just too darn long to wait in. But instead you went online, hoping to score a spot into this roughly 3,000-person event only to find that couldn't handle the registration load and the system crashed--or rather "experienced technical difficulties" according to a release sent out by

Whether you were inspired by some of the participants at Sunday's Ironman Wisconsin or you have "complete an Ironman" on your bucket list, you can still sign up for the 2011 Ironman Wisconsin, which will be held on Sunday, September 11, in Madison, Wis. Registration will reopen today at 1 p.m. EST, noon CST, for Ironman wannabes to register for this popular race, which also will be celebrating its 10th running in 2011 (as a side note: I wish I hadn't figured that out the other night as now I'm tempted to sign up again even though I told myself to take a break after Sunday).

Yesterday Ironman posted this message on Facebook: "Due to high demand, experienced technical difficulties during the initial 2011 Ford Ironman Wisconsin registration opening. Online registration for the event will re-open tomorrow, Sept. 15, at noon CT (1 p.m. ET). Visit to sign up or learn more." The glitch on has since been fixed and registration will open shortly. Registration costs $600 plus any processing fees, but the experience and crossing the finish line is priceless. Don't I sound a bit like the Mastercard commercial?

For more information, check out or And stay tuned...I promise to write a race report about Sunday's Ironman before more than two years elapse. Yes, it's true, I never finished documenting my first experience and have only relied on the pictures and random memories instead.


  1. Good news for us, this is a very good information to us and to those who want to join.

  2. Thanks zbsports! You're absolutely right. I even thought about signing up again but decided to wait at least a year :)



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