Thursday, January 21, 2010

Take Triathlon Indoors

The swims might be minimal if you're bored in a pool, the bike might be on the trainer until the ground thaws (at least in this neck of the woods), and the runs might happen more on a treadmill than the trail, but that doesn't mean you can't try a triathlon during the winter. But swap the open water for a pool, your bike for a stationary bike, and a trail run for a treadmill or track, and you have yourself an indoor triathlon.

Forget putting triathlon on the back burner until the weather warms, leaves sprout on the trees and the days grow longer. Take the race indoors and give yourself an event that's as challenging, strenuous and fun as what you'll get outdoors. Minus some of the fears--or mine, at least--that come with outdoor racing like flatting or the crowded mess at the swim start. And for all of those who like to catch up on sleep on the weekends: You don't have to rise before the sun comes up for these races to get your gear in transition and claim a prime spot on your assigned rack. Not a bad way to stay on top of your sport, or try a new one, when you don't want to be outside.

Need a place to join in the action? Look no further than some of these races:
  • Where there's a Life Time Fitness, there's a way. From coast to coast--and the prairie lands between--these fitness clubs start racing indoors January 24 (in Tempe, Ariz.) and offer races through May 23 (in Eagan, Minn.). Races include a 10-minute swim, 30-minute bike and 20-minute run, with 5 to 10 minutes to change between events. Check out the details at
  • If you're in the Windy City, get your tri on at Fitness Formula Clubs. This only-in-Chicago four-part series kicks off with its first race January 24 at the Oak Park location. Plan on subsequent events at Gold Coast on February 13, Union Station on March 6 and East Lakeview on March 27. Participants test their limits and see how much distance they cover in a 15-minute swim, 20-minute bike and 15-minute run--or if that's not enough, they can double the distance. Visit Fitness Formula Club's website for more information.
  • New York likes to start the indoor triathlon season earlier than most and Jackrabbit's indoor series is already wrapping up its season. Two races took place before the New Year--talk about a great way to keep the holidays from messing with workouts--and two in January. Jackrabbit's third race was held January 10 at McBurney YMCA, but you can still sign up for its final event at Asphalt Green on January 31. Register and read more by clicking here.
  • More action in the Chicago area begins at the end of January with the three-race Midwest Indoor Tri-Classic Series traveling around the western suburbs. The Wheaton Sports Center hosts the first race January 31, followed by Edward Health and Fitness on February 14, and Health Track Sports Wellness on February 28. See how much distance you can cover during a 10-minute swim, 20-minute bike and 15-minute run, a know that a portion of your entry fee goes toward the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. Find more details at
  • If you live near Springfield, Pa., or Pleasant Prairie, Wis., local gyms offer their own series of events to keep triathletes racing even when the weather is sour. Check out Springfield's Mid-Atlantic Multisport Series here, or the 3-Fitness series at the LakeView RecPlex here. In Pennsylvania, the third race of the series arrives on February 14. Meanwhile LakeView RecPlex's events start January 31.
Need more convincing? Not only are the indoor races good for staying on top of your fitness but they offer perks that outdoor races lack, at least in my book. If you're not a fan of having to race without your headphones, you might be better suited to the indoor races where most allow you to ride the stationary bikes and run the treadmill or track while blasting tunes in your ears. Racing outdoors in Chicago often means plopping down more than $100 for a sprint- or Olympic-distance race (they say triathlon is expensive but this can be a little overboard), but you can save a pretty penny with these series. Sure they might cost more than a 5K, but you're getting a longer event, facilities and equipment to use, and a place to store your stuff that doesn't require waiting in line. And if you yearn for motivation to leave the bed over the weekend and keep winter weight away, you'll rev that metabolism, keep the pounds from packing on and make it home in time for football playoffs. What are you waiting for? Sign up today! Photo grabbed from Posted by Kate

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