Monday, January 25, 2010

Fit-Event: Pedal Power

You could be riding like this (see left) indoors this winter. Maybe you're looking longingly at your bike, wishing for warmer days to hit the trail and pedal outside. Or maybe you're tired of aimlessly hitting the trainer to ride in front of the TV, doubting that you're still giving yourself a good workout. Or you're dreading the next spin class or treadmill run--they aren't even remotely fun anymore and you can't tolerate the cold outside--plus you're wondering how you're going to survive winter's finest indoor training.

One motivation? Stay on top of your racing. I already threw out that idea with indoor triathlons to keep you on top of your triathlon game, and the same holds true for cycling. Cyclists race time trials throughout the summer--just take some of the Tour de France stages--but their format is easily transferable to the indoors with a little help from modern technology and the CompuTrainer. Unless you're participating in a spin-a-thon like the upcoming Cycle for Survival, time trials are another option to keep you from a dull gym workout. And Vision Quest Coaching has one more to add to the event calendar for those eyeing the Mid America Time Trial Series.

It doesn't matter if you're a hard-core cyclist, a casual road rider, or a triathlete who's weak or strong on the bike. Mark your calendars for March 6 and head up to Vision Quest's Highland Park location at 1923 Skokie Valley Road to pedal your way to a fun-filled Saturday. Here's what the press release had to say:

Using CompuTrainers, riders will race 30 minutes on the 2008 Tour de France Stage 4 time trial course held in Cholet to see how much of the course they can complete. In true Tour fashion, the intense course includes a few rolling hills over 29K. The first race begins at 10 a.m. with time slots available on the hour until 1 p.m. Twenty-four slots are available per start time.

Not only do riders have the chance to best their friends and test their winter cycling abilities, but also they can compete for awards. The winner of the time trial will be the rider who amassed the most miles at the end of the race. MATTS custom medals will be awarded to the top five performers in a mixture of categories for men and women including: CAT 4/5, CAT 3 (men only), Open 1/2/3, and Masters age groups and top 3 for Juniors. Cash prizes are awarded to the three fastest men and women, with first place receiving $50, second place receiving $30 and third place receiving $20.

Registration is now open and will close once all of the slots are filled. The entry fee costs $25 per race for non-VQers, $20 for VQers and $12.50 for volunteers. If you want to race in another class the fee is $20 for the second race.

For more information, contact Vision Quest Coaching at, call 877-851-8787 or e-mail

Photo grabbed from The Swine King's blog. Posted by Kate

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