Thursday, August 8, 2013

Top 10 Songs to Sweat to August 2013

Long hours on the bike trainer. Weekends spent running. Intervals that you just have to blast out a couple times a week. We get it: Summer is for sweating. But come August, that playlist you've been listening to for a while is probably starting to feel old, really old. And maybe you're thinking you'd rather trade time hanging on a boat with friends than having to listen to Ke$ha's C'Mon one more time.

Once again, Run Hundred comes to the rescue with its monthly top 10 list. Votes on the site determined  this list dominated by pop music--and fast beats with nothing below 109 beats per minute. I'm seeing some serious speed gushing through my veins when I push play. And I'm already recognizing some of my radio favorites. Maybe there's a song in the bunch that'll make you want to bust out your running shoes or go RPM crazy on the bike.

Here's the top 10 songs for August from Run Hundred:

For more workout songs, check out the free database at where you can browse song selections by genre, tempo and era. What's on your playlist this month?

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