Friday, June 28, 2013

Stop and Shred on Chicago's North Shore

Oh you North Shore ladies (and guys, too!) are so lucky! You have yards, awesome architecture, bike paths that aren't so packed with people you could easily hit someone, and massively sized gyms (OK, downtown Chicago's not too bad on that one but you won't find a Life Time). And starting today when the doors open at 300 South Happ Road in Northfield, just off I-94, you'll even have an awesome spot to exercise that's become a favorite among the downtown dwellers.

Opening today, June 28, is a third outpost--and first outside the city limits--of Shred415, a kick-butt workout if I've ever seen one. You hit the awesome Woodway treadmills (I'll save that for another discussion) to run for 15 minutes--or walk or jog if you can't move your legs faster or have an injury. You hit the floor for strength and core training for the next 15. You run again, pushing pace and incline, for another 15. You hit the floor again for the final 15 minutes of class, hoping that your boy doesn't give out in the process. There's a reason I named it one of the toughest workouts in Chicago--for guys. I live right around the corner from Shred's Old Town location, yet I think part of the reason I don't visit more often, in addition to traveling and being injury prone lately, is that I'm tired, torched and twitching--well, my muscles are. But wait, those are my usual signs of a good workout, so my justifications for not going are null and void.

When you think about Shred415 is a dream workout even if you don't consider yourself a hardcore athlete. It's there when it's raining or cold or so hot that you can't bear the thought of running outside. It's there when you only have an hour of "me" time and need a workout that'll shed pounds...and fast. It's there when you don't want to head all the way into Chicago--the city is so far away, this coming from a girl who lived in Evanston for five years--for a fitness fix. Now hopefully you'll get hooked before the classes get so crowded you're wait-listed.

Have you tried a Shred415 workout? What'd you think?

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