Thursday, May 2, 2013

Top Workout Songs to Sweat to: May 2013

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Who's workout playlist needs some refreshing? Mine! I might have a hard time changing my playlist on a regular basis--I'm still running to songs I couldn't run without in 2006--but a cross-country road trip signaled it was time to retire this one, or at least add some new songs. At the time, it seemed like a good idea at the time to play it on repeat, but now I'd rather snooze than sweat through Of Monsters and Men's Little Talks or Fun.'s Some Nights. Not good when your favorite songs start to remind you of Nebraska's flatlands and not intense workouts.

But enough about me. I'm just lucky that Run Hundred, the web's most popular workout music blog, came to the rescue, again, with its top music highlights for May. It's only 10 songs but it includes some workout favorites, new material and previews from upcoming albums. Sounds like a good mix to get me back in the gym this month--and learn my lesson for the next road trip and create a separate playlist just for that.

Here's the full list, according to votes placed at Run Hundred.

Ash - Arcadia - 151 BPM

Want more workout songs? Check out the free database at where you can browse the song selections by genre, tempo, and era to find music that best fits your workout routine.

What songs are firing up your workouts? Have any songs that you need to hear during a sweat session?

Photo grabbed from remysharp at flickr.

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