Friday, March 1, 2013

Top Workout Songs to Sweat to: March 2013

Workouts feeling a little stale? It could be your playlist that's leaving you uninspired. Power songs that really aren't giving you that extra push, a playlist that needs to be retired, hits that you're tired of listening to, a mix that no amount of shuffling can fix. 

Sure, assembling a playlist can be tricky especially when you account for a song's beats per minute. But Run Hundred's Top 10 lists help take some of that load off, mostly because they feature tried-and-true songs that became top workout hits by votes placed on the site, the web's most popular workout music blog. This month's top 10 is missing the plethora of pop stars we're used to seeing in the rankings--blame it on the lack of pop songs released in February--and instead features an eclectic bunch of tracks. Here are March's top hits according to Run Hundred:

Want more workout song suggestions? Check out the free database at where you can  browse song selections by genre, tempo and era. 

What's playing during your workouts this month?

Photo grabbed from ataraxis at flickr.

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