Tuesday, February 5, 2013

We Bring You a Fit-Ink / NTC Update...

Where did all our pictures go? Apparently only Firefox seems to be liking the NTC Lincoln Park slideshow we created yesterday. It's the only browser where we're able to view our creation that showcases the awesome retail and studio space we toured last week. And even that's spotty--the page loads are slow, the feed is non-existent, and good luck getting more than a blank page with Safari.

We're beginning to realize that as clever as it was to create this slideshow, we need to start over with the old-school scrolling method we've grown accustomed to building with other posts. We just wanted to share that we recognize the error and will get the images loaded soon. Thanks for your patience and sorry you can't preview NTC quite yet. Or maybe this glitch is telling us it's time to go there in person to check it out.



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