Monday, January 14, 2013

A Fitness Resolution We Can Stick To

Is there really such a thing as the saddest day of the year? According to a UK psychologist, there is. He has a pseudo-scientific theory that the third Monday in January is "Blue Monday," the saddest day of the year.

It makes sense. We've just ushered in a new year full of surprises. We've welcomed the dead of winter where the cold, grey, snowy weather traps us indoors, and we don't have the holidays to keep the mood bright. We've made our resolutions--and probably already slipped up a few times especially if they border on the high expectation side. And then we're practically expected to fail at sticking to them--one-quarter drop their resolutions after the first week of the year and one-third by the end of January.

So instead of setting ourselves up for failure (or maybe never even attempting by already failing to name resolutions), Equinox wants us to stick it to the man. The fitness club that also calls itself a "temple of well-being" (their words, not mine) is on a mission to embrace fitness as more than a once-per-year goal, and one where we're most likely to fail. They're suggesting we give the January blues the boot.

How? By saying "F Blue Monday" and challenging yourself at the club's January Challenge. The premise is simple. Just workout. And if you're not sure where to start, Equinox can guide you with an entire month's worth of exercise suggestions (I'm already penciling days 4 and 14 as must-dos on my calendar because I've already fallen in love with the other high intensity options).

There's even an extra incentive for newbies.

Step one: Join Equinox.
Step two: Work out at least 12 times this month.
Step three: Accomplish step two and you'll get back the initiation fee you paid.

But hurry, the clock is ticking. Twelve days may have seemed like nothing on January 1, but we're almost halfway through the month. At least the New Year's rush is over--that first 25 percent have already quit their fitness resolutions. Can you do it? The 12 workouts in a month? We dare you!

Video provided by Equinox.



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