Thursday, July 22, 2010

Stock Up on Swim Gear

Between buying a bike and the maintenance fees that then follow, upgrading your running shoes and gear periodically, shopping for swim stuff and a pool membership for when the open water just isn't cutting it, enrolling in the requisite member groups to save on at least a tiny aspect of a race or training plan, and registering for the races, triathlon is an expensive sport. So if you're exhausted spending more and more on your sport, there is an online savior when it comes to the swimming gear. At least if you're searching to stock up on swim suits for beach season, triathlon season, masters season or a combination of all three. If you want the answer, go to now and you'll see what I mean.

Swim Outlet has serious values when it comes to swim suits, and not because they're poorly made, discontinued leftovers or no-name brands. You'll find your Speedos and your TYRs and your Nikes, but you might think you're eyes are playing tricks on you when you see the price tags that accompany the Club Swim line. Most of these suits come in under $20, even more of a bargain than the discounted Speedo, TYR and Nike products available. And that's not even touching on the leisure suit and triathlon gear selection.

All I have to ask is, "Where were you when I was younger, Swim Outlet?" I had a lot of swim suits to get me through year-round practices, from the practice suit to the retired-to-drag suit to the swim-meet-only suit. But I know my mom wasn't paying $20-a-pop. Try $50 and up--not good when you need at least one new competition suit and two new practice suits per season because the others in your collection have faded, stretched-out, disintegrated or no longer match the team's selection for the new season.

Let's just say, I replenished my swim collection with a few new numbers thanks to this site. Probably more than I needed in one season now that I'm not swimming day in and day out, but at the time I thought the deals were too good to be true. Apparently I was wrong and that's just how Swim Outlet rolls. 

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